Learn the essence of the competitor analysis site of the Shanghai Dragon Society

B. website TAG tags. Analysis of a competitor’s website TAG label, the TAG label some of the better preserved, for their own use and modify.


in addition, clear website competitors should not only stay in the top one or two websites, we should be a little further, Dongguan Shanghai dragon -AJ personally think that as long as the keywords ranking in the independent corporate website as one of the top three can be regarded as our competitors.

analysis of the competition website has important significance for Shanghai dragon industry Shanghai dragon R, whether you are a veteran of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon or rookie, you need to understand a new industry, do the optimization of the construction site of a new industry, the new company is not from your most information from you about the understanding of the industry, but from your competitors. The analysis of competitors website is our understanding of an important way to a new industry. Our competitor analysis site is not the website technical problems of competitors, how do we see how to locate the competitors in their websites and their.

two, clear rival

, analysis of the competitor’s website

analysis. A plurality of competitors website analysis, keyword extraction industry popular, and statistical summary, identified several core keywords for your web site and select.

Keywords a.

C. chain structure. Check the competitor’s website is how to layout, >

speed of air film there is a line "don’t put in the life of the enemy as a curse, a gift of God which is wise, learned from the enemy, but also far more than a fool from friends learned." There is a saying, "God is not afraid of the same opponent, afraid of pigs as teammates, so that competition is the best teacher is our best teacher of Shanghai dragon, the essence of competition website to learn to analyze the Shanghai dragon. So how do we want to find the website of competitors, and competitor analysis site is Dongguan Shanghai dragon -AJ to share with you today’s content.

three, how to analyze the competition website

1. competitors website information

for some Shanghai Longfeng rookie, they often have a misunderstanding, it is likely that those competitors in the same industry website ranking in the years has been stable in the home, did not feel able to go beyond the opponent, to such sites are excluded from their website competitors. In fact, this is wrong. Maybe some domain are there for many years, the ranking is also very stable, but their website is also useful for analysis of the competition of our competitors, should pay attention to the website is a well-known website or a traditional website, maybe we can find some weak links from their website, maybe we can go to school from their website to more useful things.

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