Use the website Tag label Shanghai Dragon



positive examples

but not to search rankings and flow, regardless of the label correlation, free import keywords and generate TAG pages, thus counterproductive, bring to the site of garbage page, manufacturing problems, according to the Shanghai love not related to static search results announcement may also be punished.


tags is very popular now, complement each other with the site classification, although the website has product classification, but this is only the relevant information of the same category properties are classified, such as product supply and demand information and information technology or belong to the different nature of the information can not be classified, then the Tag tag can fill the defect and, formed more perfect content theme page, make the topic keywords greater advantages in the search engine rankings than single page.

TAG tab is a valuable page in the professional website, the use of this form can be extracted two times of website content, website content in order to display the polymerization or special form of search, let users can conveniently find and browse the information they need.

Application of


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