The content of the website optimization is the core of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

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two, the content of the website optimizationThe

high quality content, this one might ask, to what kind of quality? How to judge it? This problem is many webmaster confused, here Wikipedia WIKI to tell you, the so-called high quality website is content to attract the user, and can leave the user, and the quality of content in it depends on whether the user has value, whether there is readability. For example: I want to know the "HostEase discount code, HostEase offers 20% 1off registered domain name renewals preferential $1" information, then I input in the search engine "HostEase offers information but to search the page title is" HostEase offers "but there was no presentation of this information, or the amount of information very little, so that the nature is not high quality, even the most basic information required by the user are not, how can the user retain

therefore, optimization of the webmaster must focus on website content, website content directly affects the user experience of the website, the website to date >

, a correlation between web content optimization

three, website content optimization of high quality

content of this sentence is not this is many webmaster Weakness lends wings to rumours., after the case concluded, in fact, this is right, the search engine is really love the original content, the original content will give good rankings, it is very advantageous to improve your weight. But not to the original and the original, must have substantial content. An article, you can’t just in a lot of users in complaining, but did not see what he wants.

webmaster ranking is nothing more than want your site to have a good ranking in the search engine in the website, so as to bring high traffic, let more people see your website, we need the staff to do the content of Shanghai dragon. If you do, the website of HostEase host, however you are everywhere there is kidney class article, when the user clicks on the go see what reaction? This traffic has brought what meaning? Very poor user experience, this is done because of the correlation between the webmaster in the website content optimization must pay attention to the contents of the 100, although not related, but not too bizarre.

grassroots webmaster every day non-stop in various forums, website links, looking for links with the place, however, you have really done for your website optimization website content? Content is king, the chain for the emperor, I believe this is the grassroots webmaster heard the maximum sentence then, however, you really do? You have your website tailored a web content optimization scheme? The following Wikipedia WIKI to talk about why do website content optimization.

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