Shanghai dragon is not your straw

The author here refers to the

two, Shanghai dragon just intention to demand marketing

on the development of Shanghai dragon like a raging fire, a great relationship between the rise of many degree and training institutions and electronic commerce, a blind study in profitable situation, because have some personal experience and a paranoid situation, also gradually produced Shanghai dragon network promotion = point of view, this kind of people mention Shanghai Dragon, always start off the reel Shanghai Longfeng benefits, the Shanghai Dragon said was almost equal to anything, but in fact, I think the Shanghai dragon or a more limited, and share analysis and discussion, we hope to reveal.

With the rapid development of

Shanghai dragon is not equal to anything, but we need to be sure but also many Shanghai Longfeng an important way of marketing and marketing, it is to seize the customer demand intention has shown the marketing, such as we see "millet mobile phone how to order", "where there is a network marketing training", this kind of long tail keywords the reason is that we know is because we have the tools to monitor customer needs in this area. If for the promotion of a new product or new website to be in a short time to let more people know, maybe we will think of industry keywords, and then slowly into the customer’s way, in fact, in this case Shanghai dragon is not always the best way. At the same time, it also has been Shanghai dragon passive marketing model, such as the user does not search, Shanghai dragon hair role >


, a Shanghai Longfeng high cost

cost mainly includes the time cost and risk cost, time cost of Shanghai dragon often need a long cycle, enormous energy, work is a very long process, often requires a minimum of 3 months, sometimes 3 months of new sites, also can not see if the effect; quick, short-term marketing promotion, Shanghai dragon is not a good way. If the operation risk cost of Shanghai Longfeng slightly improper, punished by search engine is very common. Sometimes the various operations of Shanghai dragon have no problem, it may not get good results, there are many reasons why Shanghai cannot obtain good results of the dragon. Everything is a search engine that is. As enterprises, to focus exclusively on Shanghai dragon, is often very unstable, if one or more keywords ranking disappear, so the enterprises often face crowning calamity is also very serious, the price.

industry in recent years Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon optimization gradually became an important means of many enterprises to promote, and this trend has been accepted by more and more people and gradually become the focus of attention. In this concept under the trend of many enterprises or industry people think Shanghai Longfeng = network promotion, the author of this viewpoint to express personal views.

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