The first model essay net flow rate column setting out


today and look at the structure of the website, so traffic is not accidental, I believe that readers see the title also know on what I said today is right, its website column selection!

so, look at the first sample network item selection and setting, we can say that most sites do not to this extent, to hundreds of thousands of millions of traffic is normal!

then we open a sub column such as [Li Bai]

love station display traffic around 50W, the number of keywords before 50 page all the first (I love station account can only see page 50, believe the first keyword will be more), for the flow of digital I think is not only the 50W has been exposed before resume channel a large site, many of the words are but the first super model, but also has a flow of tens of thousands of

Look at the structure of its


can see the top of the page are all poetry appreciation in the column of the chain, so basically formed a web site, the weight distribution, the spider crawling can find the entrance in the shortest period of time, this is very friendly!

贵族宝贝chunlan2010贵族宝贝 source, for many a site of cattle, and not all places are doing very prominent, when we analyze a website, see its advantages we have learned from our own website, for the integration of a set of their own ideas, find its shortcomings or not pay attention to in detail, we should also record, avoid to myself


we can open a channel, such as the appreciation of poetry [


website today to write this article a main purpose is not simple, but to tell you: a website all have good rankings, search for good performance, there must be a point to do very prominent place, of course, we cannot exclude love Shanghai search BUG, but the real reason is I want to love Shanghai or a few of them, most have a side to do their own good!

channel page can see below from the hundreds of sub sections: according to time division, according to the poet division, according to the functional division… Basically on the long tail word about poetry, this channel page are involved!

The original


! poetry appreciation

read about the first essay network optimization of the article, also heard a lot of friends have said that this website flow, look at the really big

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