Ruili algorithm was mostly CN moves lying gun

fifth, love Shanghai official said it is investigating, is expected in January 3rd 5, in the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform relevant announcement

first, should be in place to monitor website host, domain name, server space;

first, CN large area domain sites appear caught, the disappearance of a large number of long tail keywords, keywords ranking drop of

how to remedy? All the webmaster words from four aspects: the adjustment of

first, in the website, to express the theme, do not write a large vocabulary and in order to keywords ranking, resulting in the site lost the theme, look sloppy let users lose browsing impulse.

in addition, the site also caught the CC class domain name website. Now there are many webmaster in Q group in their own ranking has all 100, regardless of whether this phenomenon will last long, regardless of whether it is "CN may be superior to the corresponding arrangement, organization review" of the CN, we all need to know that the quality of the site itself users experience is the key to our jedi.

now Shanghai dragon forum, Q group has been in the new year after the fryer, website ranking, domain name is K things to debate. At the same time, most of the websites will this phenomenon to Ruili algorithm from the January 1, 2015 launch of the Shanghai love. This algorithm, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform has not released relevant indicators, a new rule and I guess Dennis is mainly based on the quality of the site itself and the introduction of the.

then, according to the Statistics website internal structure adjustment, users will love the contents on the login page (web page or column page, corresponding) is to allow users to log on to me at a glance, and can timely find required >

third, the content of the website structure and content construction to achieve quality;

has many webmaster feedback, as we have seen, now love Shanghai search engine appears large fluctuations, website domain name, website ranking is K, weight is reduced, the website flow drop and so on. Shanghai Longfeng people and also summarizes some common features of these sites:

and for the love of Shanghai Ruili algorithm proposed, how should we respond? To do work for the purpose to optimize algorithm.

third, the rumors of "events" love Shanghai New Year’s Day launched a new algorithm — Ruili algorithm

second, the website of the chain increased steadily while the number of slightly reduced;

second, according to a sample survey Chinaz: This was the website of K ratio reached 5%

fourth, many websites reflect: flow was reduced by 25%-75%

fourth, pay attention to observation of website data, good real-time data analysis.

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