Search engine marketing strategy more empathy through reflection data

1. is not too slow to visit our website

is completely different to do business transactions on the Internet with the line, the volume of the Shanghai Internet information is dizzying, with more dense willow trees and bright flowers not over the village is not the store. People search for the information they need on the Internet, if our website can not put yourself in the position of customers, not in accordance with the visitors hope work, visitors tend to look very impatient. For example: you have to download a software friend know some website to download the software you need at least four or more times a click to download software. The friendly degree is given to them as can be imagined, of course, their traffic and advertising effect.

how to save the time visitors? How to complete the transaction by clicking the best path? So all we have to visitors should get rid of.


, screenshots of the last seven days background details

from the above data show that just left the home visits for visitors to browse page 60%, that is to open direct visitors to the left. Why? I summarized several points:


, the last 7 days by

Figure two

through a period of time for women’s wholesale network (www.e-hoz贵族宝贝) of the observation and practice, especially the analysis of the objective data of many competitors website, found a lot of problems worthy of our reflection and improvement. Too much, the homogenization of things on the Internet the same, we want to segment the market, looking for differences in competition to win. Recently saw a piece of paper for a long time, very touching, one of his students to do the mobile phone business, he choose the words "the elderly mobile phone", this is quite a segment of the market.



, test website speed and size


details: first, the details determine success or failure, the product description details we can more descriptive text, this can lead to visitors or help visitors to infer that our product is the best, with colleagues to search engine included our page.


> Figure three

second, guide language: from some of the data flow analysis and search for many visitors information visitors, they are learning, in view, in the judgment, so we need some more text descriptions to help visitors make decisions, analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various schemes objectively, we illustrate the advantages, anyway, to let visitors infer our self he is looking for the products. Because now the Internet is flooded with many fish merchants, agents, inventory, theft third pictures, the wrong version of goods, this is not the only one, so we should use some words to guide visitors to eliminate these concerns.

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