Fresh water incense Shanghai Longfeng optimization process more than technology strategy

only said Shanghai dragon is actually very simple, just four words, in the description of the chain, we are also very clear, but in the process of implementation and how to maximize the effect, this is a problem which involves the strategy, strategy of operating properly, not only has the strength of half, ranking stable. The strategy of improper use, duplication of efforts, often heard and novice friends to ask such questions, I stand is not less than his station, outside the chain than his standing outside the chain of a lot of people, there is no good rankings, even outside the chain station is others several times, still no rankings, I don’t know. These friends have not thought about the execution of such own, have analyzed the competitor’s approach means.

site weight accumulation, the weight of what I say is not only from the keywords ranking this point of view, and from the website included, the chain site quality and the accumulation of data.

The chain of

strategy for this stuff a lot of time to analyze the concrete situation and grasp the macro situation, this station ranking is not the problem, the Zhengzhou Shanghai Longfeng fresh fragrance free original, reproduced please keep this link. 贵族宝贝ydpsz贵族宝贝


keyword ranking accumulation, the website wants to have good weight, keywords ranking is one of the most important indicators do keyword ranking proposal is from easy to difficult, having a long tail to the core, so that the accumulated out slowly.


accumulation, remember the chain must be of high quality, high quality of the chain is a chain of garbage ten, about what kind of link is to engage in quality links to my previous blog a: 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20110124/310908.shtml

website content, website weight to be good, no high quality content is not good, the way they want to relax some ideas, always follow the content. Daily updated content from time to time, quantitative.

strategy for this thing I want to say a few points

now Shanghai Longfeng increasing the threshold is low, a lot of new representatives have entered the Shanghai dragon in this industry, is the kind of traditional business people know love Shanghai we all know optimization, ranking is nothing more than content and the chain, some people hate the chain, malicious links to buy ranking up, but not many days ranking and off; some people for content, the ranking came up, but after a period of time also fell, why do many up ability, but without the ability to

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