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how to choose, how to choose, I remember that the last time the activities of A5, one plus more than 100 A5 friends, believe that every friend is a save and how to tap their friend resources, have friends there to help, see there is still a point, every website you visit will bring you different feeling, Links, do not exchange, friendship, remember, before a friend there that I do every link of friendship is all my own friends, are often visits to each other. If you don’t get visits, also is a chain, rather than the true value of a friend, in fact I hope that the Links bring value, and exchange links, is far greater than a simple chain.

life is not the lack of beauty, is the lack of eyes to find beauty, for Links, we should find out, because each one that you will bring you a new feeling, for example, want to do industry station Links, then go inside to find the love of Shanghai station, industry the station is generally comparative rankings and flow, the ranking, but also the general PR, Phil’s company is now an industry station, I usually find Links, is love Shanghai directly to the search rankings, and then use the webmaster tools to check to see results, is very important to love Shanghai, but love Shanghai recently included more important, generally we can see the last three days, the amount included in the last month, that is love Shanghai active and on the basis of trust station. That is through love Shanghai to find search rankings, go through the analysis tool.

One of the Links found:

Links three: through the QQ group and link platform

Links, for Links, every one of us is the heart of the Links must, we all know what we should do, how should we find, or how to exchange, in exchange Links also in several ways, for each kind of use acme is one of the most favorable on the way, how to carry out the most effective methods for Links.

QQ on Links platform, but these are very tangled, QQ. Although there are many groups, but so many groups, liquidity is not high, when a group of times in the past, many people have no link, send Links generally will occupy position link, fresh fresh benefits, so the development of QQ group must have a new link, also is the new people, not every day in the group inside to see the same people brush with the same screen with the same link to get the same helpless, we just look at it, when we put when the group inside people contact over this group, what is the value?; and on the platform, you go on top of the platform is also a good way to find links, in fact these platforms for you >

Links two: friendship.

Several methods of

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