Both the user and Optimization Web content description of writing

site title although not so important, but in the META tag, as one of the important elements to show the direct search engine and user, write web content description is also essential. Google and other search engines have repeatedly expressed, only a brief overview of the content of the website content description, search engine is not factors that determine the weights of the website. But there are still many website construction and website optimization personnel, there seems to be a stubborn and content description into the keyword. Google’s statement, perhaps in order to guide the user to write more in line with the website content description and judgment in the actual website quality, content description has become one of the factors.


if not Google, other search engines as well, or in the search for a keyword, why some similar words will also be recording? If so, the content of the website description method is worth analysis and discussion. A good description of the content for search engine optimization is inevitable, but the content of the website good description, more should pay attention to the user experience. When a user searches for a word, which decided the user can click to open the site, in addition to the ideal ranking, is also particularly important website title and content writing. And those who rely on the stack keywords improve website ranking of the site, the natural lack of user experience and value.

is the content of the website, website content is faithful to the first condition. In fact, the search engine has its own judgment mechanism, such as when we published an article, some CMS can fill in the abstract (the central idea, is an article that the content of the page description), some CMS is the entry. No matter whether we input the content description, after the page content will be included in search engines, with a brief description of the content on the website under the title. This text is just some when we input information, and verbatim collection. But sometimes we are also part of the content included some of the text, although we have entered the specified content description, but this text included more relevant content.

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as a brief overview of the website, website content description is so. Even if there is no specified content description, search engine will crawl from the site of a representative text as a content description, just grab the text is not satisfactory. The mechanism of search engine based on their own judgment, if the content of the writing doesn’t describe the website content, such as the website construction company website, content is described as "to provide professional graphic design services" will not be used. So, the content of the website description first of all we need to do is faithful to the website content, website content is faithful to the most fundamental requirement. Because you can show characters of finite length, the content of the website description should be concise and comprehensive, control in less than 76 characters. Otherwise, even if the search engine can be identified, the user can see.

analysis: a content description should be loyal website content

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