ntegrated search optimization three Video Search

, which are news and image search. So today and we will discuss the integration of the three: video search search.

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5. user comments and messages

this point and Taobao on the face of the seller’s comments about more positive comments that the video is more popular. This point and above the number of plays, as well as user ratings, and will not go.

video file where the page title, which is the title of the page. This page title written without any distinction, that indicates that the page and video theme can be.


above, almost all video sites allow users to video scores, and scores displayed on the video page. The higher the score to prove that the video is more people who love, love the video search engine is absolutely love the video, so when making video should pay attention to the quality of the video, such as video resolution, shearing, dubbing and so on. Only these details well, it may be favored by the users.

Wrote two articles about the integration of search articles in front of

3. times to play

this title is also used to indicate the theme of the video. Submit video time to pay attention to fill in text, should try to contain the keywords. If space allows longer words, change form can add keywords. So can more clearly tell the theme of the video search engine.

almost all video sites will show the number of video playback, the more the more popular with users, popular video is certainly love video search engine. So you want to put out their own video promotion, let more people know and see. You can add share button on your video pages, similar to English like addthis, this can let more people see your video.

4. user rating

talked about the video search, you head should be naturally occurring several well-known websites, such as Youtube, cool 6, potatoes and so on, but the actual situation is the site of the video search number more, the reason is the weight of the site is far higher than the ordinary video website. It is not a small video website will not have the opportunity to share it? Not much, as long as you can put the video file and the video website optimization, there are still some opportunities. Of course, the best way is to release the video in the high weight website, and then find a way to get from the video traffic to their website, so that their own website profit. As for how I drainage here is just a little, can end their contact at the beginning of the video or. Well, a little pull away, back to the topic above, so how to optimize the video? Please listen to my analysis.

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