How to choose a suitable for their own boss when Shanghai Dragon

webmaster in Shanghai dragon is not the time to do their own, is also a lot of time for others to "work", for someone else’s site to do so, Shanghai dragon, it is possible to meet all kinds of boss. As the "thousand often and horses do not often" webmaster in others to do the station if meet an expert fortunately, if meet a layman, will only give you no reason to the rigid requirements, can let a person have the feeling, therefore, a good boss is also it is necessary to do the Shanghai dragon means of survival! Specifically how to do, in fact, is simple, you can learn to read, to avoid opening the following situations boss basically no big problem.

three, you doubt the boss

four, impatient boss

Shanghai Longfeng problems but in many ways, now many bosses are anxious to see the results but forgot to eat hot tofu this old saying. Search engine optimization is a long-term project, want to see the results generally take several months or even longer, because the network is too large and online competition.

In fact, this is not just

, a website itself sucks boss

as the saying goes "one can’t make bricks without straw", when your boss’s website itself Henlan, to optimize good if we pick a single, easier said than done? Certainly worrying consequences. Good performance of a well-designed website and search engine, the two complement each other will bring successful operation site. If the site itself to the user experience is not good, you should be decisive for the boss advice for revision, otherwise, after the Shanghai dragon is completely wasting wax, you have a thankless task.

two, marketing promotion depends entirely on the Shanghai dragon boss

we know marketing to do well there must be many means, not only rely on one, should be in a different time, in the face of different customer groups perform different marketing strategy, such as the now popular reality of media promotion, mail promotion and marketing alliance. If your boss is on a search engine optimization to do marketing, I want to do this to you, or is not a good website, marketing is too narrow and single means will not make achievements.

We do

as the saying goes for people to do "people do not suspect the suspect not, if your boss began to doubt, you don’t trust, after I want you to carry out what work will be very difficult. For example, when you first accept the job, if your boss asks you to give him to report progress every day, you not feel very afflictive? As a full-time staff of Shanghai Longfeng, every day had to spend a lot of time in the Shanghai dragon, where so many the time and energy to do work report. Only mutual trust companies and employees to make the score.

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