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keyword optimization

user search habits change so keyword optimization strategy we should change. Love Shanghai, love Shanghai related search drop-down box will affect the user’s search habits, we need to search every keyword analysis, timely correction is not conducive to the user search keywords. Through the analysis of small bright, find the daily consultation of customers, many are entering the site through the long tail keywords users. Although the target keywords can improve website traffic and consulting rate, but also quite fierce competition. And the long tail keywords competition is small, but has a lot of potential users. So in the daily keyword optimization strategy in the optimization of the long tail keywords is very important. We have to do is set jianglikun all users may search the long tail keywords, optimize gradually, Many a little make a mickle. reach the final qualitative change. Is the effect of long tail keywords optimization, enter the site through the long tail word visitors than target keywords into visitors.


enterprises of different industries need to website promotion strategy is not the same, such as some suitable talent network promotion but not necessarily for the Forum promotion, the promotion for the promotion of micro-blog is not necessarily suitable for the classification of information. As in the end for what kind of promotion methods also need according to the customer’s habits, different users have different Internet habits. The promotion will play to the extreme, such as the site has the flow is very considerable. Promotion of enterprise website using the blog promotion is a good way of promotion, because the mainstream blog now are easily accepted by the user, it is to avoid the influence of advertising to users. While the Forum promotion is mainly the necessity of top post replies, so as to make post Jingjiubushuai, but now you can send advertising forum is too little, if a resource can get a lot of traffic. Of course, the best way is the promotion, but the writing requirements must be better, a good article can bring to the site traffic is very considerable.

site local talent competition is very fierce, many websites of competition, survival of the fittest, to let their talent website success, it is important to optimize, take the following three steps, is the key.

three, website promotion

user experience consulting rate, to enhance the site’s PV we must first improve the user experience of the website. According to the local user group for the design of web pages is the basic work site optimization. The talent website has a specific group of users, we have to do is as convenient as possible and please these users, the final deal. Summarize and analyze the information needed by the user, the user will be concerned about the information on the site of the most prominent place, don’t be stingy with pictures, a modified text easier to attract the user’s eyes. It is best not to let the user to find the information he wants, we should give him a direction to guide users to find the information. The enterprise website should be concise and atmosphere, let the user into the site will be able to remember the name of the company

, a user experienceDirectly affect the site’s PV and

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