ntroduces several methods to optimize the site navigation

we should be placed on the front page of the site map file, this is very good, regardless of the search engine or the user, the surface is quite friendly, site map to the site contains links to all the pages or most important pages, should pay attention to check links, don’t appear dead links and outdated links the site map. But these pages should be organized in order rather than just a list of all page links. For example, by classification, a certain theme to organize the page links.

search engines crawl web content is accomplished through the search engine spiders, like in our daily life like spiders, continue to climb, and then grab content, a good site navigation structure, not only can make the site easier for users to understand the content of the web site overall theme, easy to find yourself to the content, but also can help the search engine spiders clear basic structure, division of the weight of your site, the more easy to grab the page, judging from the overall theme of your site. Site navigation structure plays an important role in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, especially web pages are too many, is more important. Combined with the practice of Shanghai Longfeng training small own Wuhan, how to optimize the site navigation structure on

2, in the website home page to place a HTML format map file and a XML format map file

the website, there will be a lot of links, then when the user through the previous URL visit our website, the page will appear not open phenomenon, or the user input error URL attempts to access our website, it’s time for us to do a 404 page to guide the user to enter his.

3, make navigation more natural and have a sense of the level of

users visit our website, sometimes in strange ways to access, see the URL link, sometimes the user will remove the inside part of the link to the content they want to try to get some. Our website is in this case to show the content they want, whether to do 404 or 301 permanent redirect page navigation error? These are the problems we should consider, to avoid the dead link.

When we

1, to consider if the user can remove a part URL in what will happen, how should we deal with

We all know that

allows users to easily find the basic page specific content they need, but also to the level of hierarchy, not too much, not more than 3 layers is appropriate, but also to add a navigation page to your web site more closely in a. The website of the internal links more intuitive and efficient. Avoid creating a page to include all content links, there must be a sense of hierarchy, the weight of home page, channel page, content page is not the same. In the navigation page to show the level of the weight level.

4, there must be a help 404 navigation page

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