Love Shanghai Taobao will decide on what path to follow the storm

can be drawn from the above analysis, Taobao customers in the future must be doing fine, pay more attention to the user experience, then the Shanghai dragon + blog this model can do? What should we do?

first, Taobao is currently the guest of a fool, led to the unusually fierce competition, most of the products have become the Red Sea. The love of Shanghai adjustment is focus on user experience, to raise the threshold of

will decide on what path to follow? Why is Taobao

, give the user valuable information. Before is through the collected articles to the rankings, it is just the original article, solve the user’s question, to the user value, so as to achieve a win-win. Like a long time ago, there is a "dress collocation" appeared in the Taobao station. Insist on finishing the body collocation every day, this will give the user value, and then recommend products, to achieve a win-win situation.

off there was hope

off the future

second, love Shanghai most of the garbage station Taobao K off, some formal techniques have the opportunity of a friend;

I contact Taobao customer also has 8 months, found that the vast majority of customers are Taobao Shanghai dragon + blog this mode of operation. Most of the passengers choose good Taobao products in the Taobao brand alliance, choose the long tail word, and then began to collect articles or false original, the Shanghai dragon ranking profit.


can be seen from the above analysis, this type of website is absolutely rubbish station. For example, I was one of the Taobao customers, choose a lampblack machine as a product, so I love from Shanghai promotion of long tail keywords is "lampblack machine which brand is good," XX "lampblack machine price". The user from the search of these words in the love of Shanghai, in order to let me solve these questions, I was directly to the ventilator ad he. If you are a customer, then you will love this station? So, love Shanghai must put these highly similar dumpster K off.


before love Shanghai’s recent big adjustment, many of Taobao’s revenue is less leverage, monthly income W, more than a monthly income of 100 W. However, I believe that everyone in the adjustment of love in Shanghai, feel very vexed. A lot of Taobao – in this big adjustment love in Shanghai pulled the hair, and most of these Taobao customers are relying on the Baidu concern. So this adjustment, they will be back. So, Taobao customers can also survive? If you can, and

in fact, many people in this love sea wave, all of Taobao customers lose confidence, think Taobao off the end. In fact, I think this is Taobao off life. Why?


customers love sea K

two, do not rely solely on Baidu. Love the sea station K, involved range is very wide, there are many.

of the Taobao customer analysis

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