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as everyone knows, the site speed is very important for the Shanghai dragon and user experience. Faster web access speed can get higher search engine rankings, which means more users click access, it represents a higher conversion rate of users. In short, the Shanghai dragon ER, improve the site access speed and quality of the original web content is as important as.

Er Shanghai dragon can through many web analytics tools to do a "diagnosis" on their website, the diagnosis is often display a cost for each element loading time, so what factors affect the speed of the site

download speed refers to the cost of the browser download server response time. The longer the time, the greater the resources. You can optimize your content how to control this part of the speed.

is special access to the host address, only in the creation of a T> of 2 to 6 requests to the original

in the browser and the server dialogue, he must pass a DNS lookup to a host address into the address ip. This step, Shanghai dragon ER could be done, what can not make the optimized improvement, fortunately, not all of the requests need to have this step DNS lookup.


2. first link

TTFB refers to the request from the browser to the server from the server to the server, and is returned to the browser the first byte, spend the time. By this time TTFB, we can see that the web server is not lack of power, can not meet the need, or need to use a CDN (contentdeliverynetwork content distribution network)


1. first link

6. first page load time


if you are "by SSL/TLS security loading some resources, then the browser also need time to set up the SSL/TLS connection. Now the HTTP as a search engine ranking factor, SSL/TLS is more and more popular.

4.TTFB (the first byte of the response time)

Before the

before the browser sends a request, he must create a TCP connection. This basically only occurs in several access to the initial request otherwise it will be a running problem.

before loading the page, users see is a blank page. The loading time is longer, the user’s patience is smaller.


generally understand these factors, we will analyze how to improve the speed of the site one by one from.

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