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now the individual stationmaster at hand are four or five sites, some even up to several dozen, of course, a person must not have enough energy to maintain, so many owners on the Internet to buy some large acquisition plug-in acquisition other site content, perhaps at the beginning of the effect is good, especially is very strong for the record, because before I got a collection site, so pretty well. But after a period of time, Shanghai began to love its website collection content included decreased slowly, until not included, in to the site by K, pulled hair treatment.

for the website optimization over this argument outside, often for new sites. For a new station on the line, we need to attract the spider crawling some outside the chain, to quickly included our site. However, more often ignored it is "new" that said. A large number of go to attract spider release some of the chain, when a large number of spiders "

website overcollection content.

internal web site optimization excessive.

The method steps

with the years of Shanghai dragon optimization in vogue, every webmaster is somewhat understand some optimization knowledge, but these people do not understand some of the lack of wrong on its website optimization, a lot of optimization work, leading to excessive website optimization, search engine is down right and be K, pull hair treatment these are quite common. In general, the main is a lot to do a lot of some chains in the internal web site, resulting in excessive chain optimization and search engine as cheating processing.

website is search engine pull hair, undoubtedly for each webmaster is a fatal blow, however, drop right or pull hair or, in this case are often some reason, otherwise the search engine will not without any cause or reason K you stand, so that we have to lead us on these sites are the reason analysis of the hair and correct, the only way to make the search engine to our website included. First, I think we need to know what is the reason for our site was plucked, here I give you a summary of some of the common reasons and solutions for your reference station.

solution: according to its own website optimization program reasonable, grasp the website keyword density, good, good daily updates, and to love the Shanghai website login for submission shall be included.

for the above this situation the author suggest that you can make small collection, and in the best time to buy some of the acquisition card to buy some pseudo original program to false original, so the search engine will be friendly, of course, if you have time webmaster, or suggest their own original pen, after all, the spider love fresh food.

external web site optimization excessive.

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