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Stuff blowing up at 2500 frames per second

first_imgThere are some crazy people in the world, some of whom are paid to be so. Case in point are the two guys behind the epic slow motion video of stuff blowing up you can watch above.January Elhoj and Lasse Spang Olsen are stars of a Danish television show called Stupid and Dangerous. The two men are given a house in a remote part of the country and then set loose on using different products in exactly the opposite way they should be. If a warning label says to not place a bottle of red wine inside a microwave and set it on high, these two go ahead and do it to see what happens.We need to point out here that these two men are professionals working in a controlled environment, please don’t try to replicate their experiments at home.While the video above is certainly impressive to watch, the kit used to capture it is also worth mentioning. Using a camera from Vision Research called the Phantom Flex, the production team for Stupid and Dangerous were able to capture their footage at an astonishing 2,500 frames per second. It’s actually capable of working at 2,800 frames capturing 1080p footage. I would love to tell you how much this camera costs, but every dealer that advertises the device asks you to call for a custom quote.Seeing these guy do things like mow a carpet using an electric lawnmower or drop flour onto a lit candle makes me wish we had a show like this in America. If you happen to know Danish, then perhaps you can catch an episode or two and let us know how it is.via io9.comlast_img read more