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Small service held to mark Remembrance Day

A small service for peace and remembrance was held at Brock Friday. Members of the Brock community gathered for a small, low-key ceremony to remember the men and women who have gone into battle for Canada.Friday’s service for peace and remembrance, hosted by the Faith and Life Centre, was held in the Rita Welch Meditation Room and featured readings, including a litany for peace.University Chaplain David Galston discussed the ambiguity of war in a brief speech meant to honour the 117,000 people who have given their lives in service to this country.“War is a tragic decision and a tragic act. And while we can debate how war is unnecessary and how it can be avoided, we cannot change history or the fact that this nation has engaged in war and has suffered,” Galston said.“We must believe that every person who gave their life in the name of Canada did so for a cause he or she felt was just. War, when judged necessary, is fought to establish peace, to restore human rights, to protect the innocent, to end persecution and to waken again the spirit of hope.”About a dozen people attended the 15-minute service.David Galston, University Chaplain, speaks about the ambiguity of war. About a dozen people participated in Friday’s service for remembrance and peace. read more