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Protesters Interrupt Donald Trump’s Speech in New York, Security Drags Them…

Miami – Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump was delivering a speech on Friday at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan when a group of protesters stormed the venue and accused him of fascism.Trump was at the Pennsylvania GOP’s annual Commonwealth Club luncheon at his former property, the Plaza Hotel when a mob of protesters, including a Jewish group interrupted him, according ty NY Daily News.“Mama, mama tell us why, why our people gotta die? Donald Trump is trying to bring us down, attacking people black and brown,” the protesters chanted. A video posted by Penn Live The Patriot News, showed the protesters chanting, while security guards grabbed and dragged them out of the venue.One of the protesters, a woman, got pushed and thrown to the floor as security personnel kicked her out of the hotel.“No, no, what is wrong with you? That is not appropriate behavior,” another woman is heard yelling in the background.According to the NY Daily News, Trump’s speech was full of offenses against his contender, Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.Two groups of protesters stormed his presentation halfway through, the same report noted.The first group, who were seated at one of the luncheon’s tables, reportedly stood up and quoted portions of a poem called “First They Came” about those that remain silent, while suffering persecutions.The second group of protesters were with Jews for Racial and Economic Justice.“This is dangerous,” New York resident Jordan Wouk said of ‘The Donald’s’ poll lead.“I’m very upset about what I see. It’s creeping fascism from this part of the GOP,” he added.Marjory Fine, another Jewish protester, said that the billionaire’s speech and ideals remind her of the Nazis, which still hurts her because her family escaped the Holocaust and was taken in by the U.S.“What he (Trump) said about ‘make America good again’ … it sounds like fascism,” Fine said.“If we weren’t allowed to come here as immigrants, we would have been in trouble,” she added.Other protesters who remained outside the Plaza Hotel manifested against Trump’s ideas with slogans and other signs.Marni Halasa, figure skater and belly dancer, who has appeared in nearly 100 protests, showed up to the Plaza dressed in the American flag with a sign that read, “Trump Make America Hate Again”. read more

UNbacked project helps villagers in Myanmar rebuild lives following floods

9 September 2010Almost 100,000 villagers in western Myanmar whose homes or croplands were badly damaged by floods earlier this year are rebuilding their lives under a United Nations-backed project that provides income-generating activities for locals. The scheme, supported by the UN Development Programme (UNDP), began in Myanmar’s Rakhine state in early July after torrential rains and strong winds a month earlier killed dozens of people and inundated swathes of countryside.Villagers have been paid for cleaning and repairing damaged houses, latrines and schools; cleaning water ponds and wells; rebuilding footpaths and jetties and reclaiming paddy fields that were covered with sand.The villagers who took part received $2 to $2.50 a day for their work, according to a press release issued today by UNDP. Many had no means of earning money following the floods.UNDP said the project, which is being carried out across 90 separate villagers, is likely to continue until later this month. read more