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Enterprise network marketing second steps target audience analysis and lock

The microscopic essence of

network marketing is the process of realizing the audience’s attention, interest, desire and action through exposure, interaction, experience and influence. Finding and identifying the marketing target is the basic condition of network marketing. In the enterprise network marketing needs analysis stage, part of the analysis is aimed at the enterprise’s customers and potential customers, and this part is also the basis for analyzing and locking the target audience of the network marketing. read more

Elementary introduction to the operation condition and restriction factors of small game station in

The demand for

Flash Games is still very strong. Especially for primary and secondary school students, there are some students and office workers who do not have much time to play big games. As a way of relaxing leisure, the attraction is very big. According to iResearch statistics, the domestic flash game user base of more than 60 million, you can say that most of the Internet users have played a small game experience.

flash but the game also has its shortcomings, that is it relatively simple, not as large and medium-sized games like through cards and props to charge users to play games, is never free. In this case, the small game site can only rely on advertising to survive. Google, Adsense, Baidu alliance, and other advertising alliances have become a major source of revenue for small game stations. 2009, what mobile art signature ah, web games, pop ads ah, put on more, some friends say a day IP2 million station, a day can also earn several hundred dollars, feeling good. Domestic small game station boss 4399, is simply open the new webgame channel, trying to flash small game users into web game users, judging from the new server, monthly income reached one million. read more

s it possible to do female communities in the form of knowledge

"Have you seen

chat something woman?"

this is known in the community about why women are now emerging mobile community (such as oxygen, beauty beauty, freaky help) are in a similar forum form, without the use of such forms of knowledge? "The following topics, like the number of points second answer.

although the vertical field of "know" is becoming more and more entrepreneurs to tell stories, but for the female population seems to be an exception. Take a look at the market volume of several large female communities, the most active of which is nothing more than emotional newspaper group heating, or under various scenes of sun things show. Therefore, the general consensus is: Dialogue exchanges, compared with you made me a phrase, serious "knowledge on dialogues" easy to be too professional and restraint, is not suitable for my love, partial emotional female groups. read more

nventory design circle ten big material download station

inventory design circle ten big material download station

a Chinese Webmaster Station material

China Webmaster Station from the web site source code to start, until now provides design class material, including wallpaper, templates, icons, fonts……

material has very broad scope, but the website source become the backbone, and the design of material slightly amateur.

advantages: a wide variety of materials.

disadvantages: lack of design materials.

two CSDN download channel read more