Adsense plagiarism but also good at camouflage

in the design community, "copy" is a very sensitive word, one of the people of the hated, secretly happy; someone praised it, someone to avoid it if a. But in any case, "plagiarism" phenomenon is widespread in the design community, but the object and method are different.

has a saying: "existence is reasonable.". Of course, this is also a very controversial statement, but at least it illustrates a truth: the existence of a wide range of things, there must be the reason for its existence. We can not beat a stick, we must go to investigate its roots, to find its laws, and ultimately serve us. read more

1 million 2 million 3 million local webmaster how to break through the bottleneck

with the development of mobile Internet, the local community site is also increasing, according to statistics of the 3000 local community website, in the forum site, the 90% sites are in a confused state, or in the dark. What is the reason for this situation? That is, after the development of the forum to a certain stage, do not know how to develop, stuck in the bottleneck.

talk about how to break through the bottleneck before, we first analyze the local website to develop profitability, need to meet what one: flow two: reputation three: user data. These three points, we seize a little, can maintain the development of our website. The local community website or for the purpose of profit, profit is the premise of users, our analysis found that the current site traffic entrance has changed, the development has been like depth of service industry, from this trend we can see what is the local site to do, is the user experience. If some local websites or for immediate interest, not pay attention to the user experience, that webmaster friends will alert. read more

From the end of the activation system triggered thinking network operation integrity activation sys

"Tianya registered members of the forum, even for a yuan integrity certification fee is not reasonable!" a lot of friends in the online discussion. Recently, the famous Chinese community website Tianya launched SMS activation system, triggered a network crusade against the storm. The so-called Tianya slobber launched integrity activation authentication, the user is in the registered members after the need to send text messages through certification, can participate in the post, replies, use all the features, and the SMS authentication fee is 1 yuan of money deducted from the user’s mobile phone. read more

Talking about the content management and planning of website

Internet is a huge information database, if the website planners can help users to check, shoddy, vulgar content will Nishajuxia, drive high-quality users to target users here find a sense of belonging. Therefore, in the operation of the website, we must first be able to judge: what kind of content is good, is advocated; what kind of content is bad, unpopular. Through the network editor’s checks, high-quality content was refined out, bad content was excluded. To A5 Adsense network as an example, if the content of the website without audit checks, then this site will not be recognized by the majority of owners, owners will not be willing to visit the domestic learning platform, it is because of strict control of website content, website content will have now all kinds of high quality, so as to bring web site traffic promotion and then promote the development of the site towards the benign ecosystem. read more

Webmaster industry on the classic experience of mentality

Any one industry in reality are

we need to seek a breakthrough in the experience of the predecessors, the webmaster industry is no exception, as a small webmaster, I may not have too much experience to tell you, but industry predecessors have a lot of experience is what we don’t know, in this article, I will combine the experience of personal understanding of the predecessors and give you a summary, hope that through this series of tutorials can really help you improve, whether from the technical or mentality. read more

The station is linked to the horse after all

I stop in after nearly a year of efforts, now, tens of thousands of IP finally, being happy when suddenly a net Wang told me that my station, watching the movie will not automatically jump to the others to stand up, a panic, and quickly check the source code, but a look at the source code did not see what the problem ah, no more of what ah.

immediately think, is not the server to horse, and immediately contact room, let the room view, said normal server. That’s strange, as long as it is on the page to stay more than 5 minutes, immediately automatically jump, after nearly 2 hours of investigation, and finally found the root cause from a picture of GIF read more

Open the door to creative ideas website construction will succeed

              recently, in the financial turmoil, the trend of the Chinese online games, once again the attention of the community. Chinese online has been sought after by the industry, the industry profit is relatively easy, but today has become "not in enrichment" embarrassing situation, scenery appearance can not help but in the surging undercurrent.

in view of this phenomenon, the media analysis of its ills, Chinese online games present "Three Soft", namely, lack of creativity and difficult to create strong defense preparations, is responsible for the stagnation of development, put aside the matter, is the lack of creativity, the author thinks that the content and structure of the online world today are uneven in quality although, the network game has been out of the country, popular all over the world, but leave the impression of foreign or square pattern, immutable and frozen. read more

Talking about how to raise website traffic

everybody should know how to make a web site easy, just some source download site to download several source code, and then select the appropriate source program, and then uploaded to the space frame on the domain name you! But as the saying goes: easy to start setting difficult. The website is the same reason, the establishment of a web site should not cost, the technology can be said to be zero, but when you set up a website, how to make their sites to get traffic, how can let other people know your site and often visit your website to obtain information, this is a a more difficult part! I want to come to A5, most of them are facing how to get more traffic to today, I don’t just talk about this, how can the station traffic has been rising over the old read more

Some misunderstandings about Baidu promotion

Hello, rookie webmaster 77 film and television network to write original ~~


yesterday saw someone sent a post asked Baidu promotion bidding ranking problems, see the following many replies, do not know is mixed reply or not too understand, many views are wrong.

happened to be working at a Baidu based Baidu agency across the province. The most popular contact with Baidu was the bidding system and the new phoenix nest system.

The original article is

so today to talk to you about the promotion of Baidu ~ ~ because the company has internal information and data is leaked, so many problems can go beyond that, only their own understanding. Actually, you know… read more

Stationmaster wants to learn acting agent to make bid

competition can be replicated? Of course not, although the network before the two stage can be replicated, but not absolute, such as pan Wang Hu master, their promotion through bidding, is abnormal hot, later through television promotion, more fire. We want to replicate their successful model is to earn money, but not copy, because of their success, but the key is they have a pot, kind, and we did not do the bidding, on the network, but also do quite well, largely by the advantages of the product itself, such as MAX-MAN. This is the auction sales of the top three network products on the Internet, we want to replicate their success, they can grasp the initiative, we don’t copy, why, because we do not have the product. read more