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The risk of large volcanic eruptions and the impact of this risk on future ozone depletion

first_imgOzone depletion at mid-latitudes is caused by reactivehalogens from man-made halocarbons. The stratosphericsulphate aerosol which follows large volcaniceruptions enhances (multiplies) this ozone depletion(it has no effect on ozone without halocarbons). Mid-latitude depletion almost doubled for the twoyears after Mt. Pinatubo. Although the MontrealProtocol is expected to reduce atmospheric amounts ofhalocarbons in the 21st century, stratospheric ozonewill be at risk of depletion enhancement by largeeruptions for the next 50 years. Mechanisms ofvolcanoes suggest that large eruptions are random andthat their global rate is constant for severalcenturies. Measurements of large eruptions during thelast 1000 years in ice cores have a remarkable fit toa Poisson distribution, reinforcing the conclusionthat the global incidence is random and at a constantrate for this period. From this rate, the probabilityof one or more eruptions with at least the ozone-lossenhancement of Pinatubo is 58 % in 50 years. Thisprobability is large enough to be of serious concernfor future mid-latitude ozone loss.last_img read more

US giant Keller Williams launches in UK high streets

first_imgA fresh wave of competition is set to hit the UK’s high street estate agents as US giant Keller Williams opens two offices in the UK.Following another year of growth, productivity and profitability gains in 2014, Keller Williams now claims to be the largest real estate franchise by agent count in the world.The Austin, Texas-based company added a net gain of 17,000 associates in 2014, increasing its worldwide associate count to more than 112,000, and now it has its eyes firmly set on further expansion by opening an office in London and another in Leeds over the next fortnight.“We’re number one and we’ve just begun,” co-founder and Chairman Gary Keller (left) said.“Keller Williams truly is a company built by agents for agents,” he added. “We’re all agents. And we share the same mindset, values and vision.”Franchising of estate agents has long been big business in the US, but it is now growing increasingly popular here in the UK, as a growing number of national and international firms view the franchising route as the best possible way to expand their own businesses in the UK.Century 21, is another American real estate agent franchise company that is also now trying to increase its presence across the UK market, alongside many other established brands.The firm, which has more than 7,100 independently owned and operated franchised broker offices in 74 countries and territories worldwide, opened no fewer than 21 new franchise offices in the UK during the course of 2014 through its estate and letting agency franchisor Century 21 UK, owned by Shepherd Direct Ltd, making it the second-fastest growing Century 21 operation in Europe last year.Rob Clifford (right) of Century 21 UK said, “2014 was a significant year for the business following the signing of 21 new franchise agreements. This makes us a considerable player in our marketplace.”The new Century 21 offices are a combination of new franchisees coupled with an increasing number of existing businesses rebranding their current identity to the firm in order to secure a more widely recognisable brand identity.Clifford added, “Our aim now is to continue this level of recruitment and to continue to market our offering and brand to the many entrepreneurial individuals who are seeking a quality partner to make the most of this positive marketplace. While experience in the property market might be desirable, it is not mandatory, and we are looking to work with entrepreneurs who can sense and develop the opportunities that are currently available. In this regard we are also particularly pleased to see existing franchisees prospering within the Group and opening additional offices in new regions in order to grow their own propositions.”Earlier this year, west London based Cowan & Rutter rebranded its residential property services arm, Century 21 Cowan & Rutter, as it became the latest firm to become part of the Century 21 UK network.Jonathan Cowan, Director of Century 21 Cowan & Rutter, said, “We recognise the highly competitive nature of the estate agency market. Our relationship with Century 21 UK allows us to significantly increase our range of applicants and enhance the services we offer within our areas of operation.”Keller_Williams real_estate_franchise us_franchise February 24, 2015The NegotiatorWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021 Home » News » Agencies & People » US giant Keller Williams launches in UK high streets previous nextAgencies & PeopleUS giant Keller Williams launches in UK high streetsUS giant Keller Williams claims to now be the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count, now it is to hit the UK.PROPERTYdrum24th February 20150683 Viewslast_img read more

Minister launches ‘digital identity’ revolution for home moves

first_imgThe government has published its blueprint for a nationwide system of digital identity that will revolutionise the way homes are sold and rented.The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) says it will now consult on its plans, which will enable people to prove who they are, where they live and how old they are without the need for physical documents.DCMS minister Matt Warman says this will significantly streamline many types of transactions including buying a house “during which people are often required to prove their identity multiple times to a bank, conveyancer or estate agent,” he says.But the government is aware its plans will be controversial, and the  key thrust of its consultation is to establish a ‘trust framework’ that will lay down the rules on how the companies involved, and the public, can access information and set out how people’s private data will be protected.Once this has agreed, new legislation will then be enacted.“Establishing trust online is absolutely essential if we are to unleash the future potential of our digital economy,” says Wareham.“Today we are publishing draft rules of the road to guide organisations using new digital identity technology and we want industry, civil society groups and the public to make their voices heard.”Stuart Young (pictured) of PropertyLogbook, who has been closely involved with official briefings, says there are over 100 organisations involved in the digital identity trust scheme project including many from the home buying and selling sectors.Young says the initiative will improve the standards of identity verification for conveyancers and estate agents and help reduce risks around AML, KYC and reduce property and mortgage fraud as well as speeding up to the process.“Home buying and selling affects both so many people and organisations in the chain that we need to work together to identify anything that can help the industry to keep it moving and help consumers,” he says.Read more about the initiative.Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport Matt Warman DCMS stuart young February 12, 2021Nigel LewisWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021 Home » News » Minister launches ‘digital identity’ revolution for home moves previous nextRegulation & LawMinister launches ‘digital identity’ revolution for home movesDCMS minister Matt Warman says once implemented, new system will improve many areas of property market for the better.Nigel Lewis12th February 20210827 Viewslast_img read more

Green Party attacks City Council’s climate commitment

first_imgIn a statement released to Cherwell Dr Hazel Dawe, Oxfordshire Green Party Treasurer and law lecturer at Oxford Brookes University, said: “There are two disturbing features of Oxford City Council’s approach to its own Climate Emergency policy. First, nearly all of the money in the £19 million proposed to be spent on Climate over 4 years is money which was already committed before the Citizens Assembly made its report to the Council. Only about £550,000 out of the £19 million is additional funds, and only this can be considered a financial response to the Citizens Assembly report.  £19 Million on the Climate Emergency is a very small proportion of the City’s capital and revenue budgets, over 4 years: £18m is 4.5% of the capital budget and the other £1m is only 1% of the revenue budget. “Where do we go from here? I hope the Greens create a clear and consistent vision, like the Labour Council. I also hope they realise that a responsible approach to tackling climate change has to be based on a just transition. Central to this has to be a meaningful engagement with trade unions and the workers they represent. There’s no climate justice without workers’ justice. Sadly, Green representatives decided to throw these principles out the window with repeated attacks on trade unions during the campaign. It shouldn’t need explaining as to why millions of workers coming together to improve their lives is a crucial thing.” The party also claim that the Council has failed to make good on repeated promises to prioritise the climate in policy making, criticising the scale of the Council’s investment in climate change, and the prioritisation of other policy areas over tackling the climate crisis. “I’m also disappointed as a progressive by the baseless Green allegation. The Greens are part of a wider left which should work together to protect our people and planet against the Tories. Instead they’re forcing the left to fight itself on spurious grounds, not the Tories who are the real threat.” Cherwell has been unable to reproduce the precise calculations and estimates made by Dr Dawe, but can confirm that a number of existing budget commitments appear to have been misrepresented as responses to the recent Citizens’ Assembly. A recently published (December 2019) budget report includes a section titled “In response to the Citizens’ Assembly the Council has initiated work in the following areas”, which lists work on the Zero Emissions Zone. However, the zone had been proposed as early as July 2017. “We’re not acting from a standing start. This is about us adjusting our ambition significantly upwards and putting the initial steps in place precisely because we were told to by the Citizens’ Assembly set up by the Labour Party.  Responding to a request for comment, Tom Hayes dismissed Green Party allegations as unwelcome politicking, and expressed dismay at the claims: “To be honest, this baseless allegation is why politics turns people off. Our climate emergency budget is literally there in black and white, so the Green Party either hasn’t read the report on which they are making claims or they don’t want to understand the facts. The Green Party have alleged that Oxford City Council has misrepresented its financial commitment to combating the climate crisis. Last month the Council announced an extra £19 million to supplement the drive to bring Oxford’s carbon emissions to net zero.  In September 2019, Oxford became the first city in the UK to host a Citizens’ Assembly on climate change. 50 residents were selected randomly selected through a stratified process, such that the selected group was an accurate representation of the population of Oxford. The group convened twice and, following the advice of experts, made a number of recommendations on climate strategies for local government. These included a recommendation that Oxford achieve carbon neutrality before the national target of 2050.center_img “Within the Budget and Strategy consultation, achieving a Zero Carbon Oxford is 4th in the set of key City Council priorities NOT top. Greens can take credit for pressing the Council to adopt its Climate Emergency policy last January. But, now, the City Council needs to shift money towards Climate policies and away from increasing car parking in particular.” It had been announced that the funding was made available in response to recommendations made by Oxford’s Citizens’ Assembly on climate change, but the Oxford branch of the Green party have now claimed that as little as £550,000 of the extra funding is new. Further, it has stated that it believes a significant proportion of the money is dedicated to causes unrelated to the climate crisis, such as air quality assessment.  “The Climate Emergency Budget is out to consultation and asks the public for their views. Our Labour and Co-operative city council has committed over £1 million of new operational funding and £18 million of new capital investment to address the climate emergency. This new money is on top of £90 million of ongoing investment to tackle the climate emergency in Oxford and countywide. Oxford City Council will be a net zero council from the end of this year and we’re funding the UK’s first Zero Emission Zone here in Oxford, to be introduced at the end of this year. We’re acting quickly and meaningfully because the situation demands it. “For the Green Party, 2020 is a crunch year. For the fourth election in a row, we woke up to a Tory government and this time, the Tories won their biggest majority since Thatcher. Our Labour city council has beaten the odds and protected our public and environment because we’ve been focused, creative, and other parties have more or less been constructive critics. But now the Greens propose to abandon their scrutinising role to baselessly attack the greenest council in the country. I don’t know another council that does as much as Oxford to tackle our climate crisis and we need real scrutiny to go further and faster, not petty party political point scoring. In the same section, the budget makes the claim that the council has “Included an additional £1.040 million of revenue spend over the next four years in addition to an existing £18 million of capital expenditure over the same period [in combating climate change]”. In contrast, a statement by Tom Hayes, Oxford City Councillor, made during the announcement of the Council’s new budget, states that “We’ve listened to the Assembly and our brand new climate emergency budget acts on its findings by providing at least £18m of new money to the City Council’s zero-carbon mission, plus a further £1m of new money to ensure that we deliver on those investments”. The second statement implies heavily that the Council would be making an extra £19 million available, while the statement made in the budget makes it clear that £18 million had been committed in advance of the report by Oxford Citizens’ Assembly. “So far parties have played their part in tackling the climate emergency. I’m disappointed that the Green Party are trying to score political points instead of trying to play a more constructive role, and I have to wonder about the role of the upcoming local elections in their change of tack. Let’s stop electioneering until May when it needs to happen, spend the next few months making important climate-related decisions, and truly treat our climate emergency like an emergency. Although the Green Party made a number of criticisms of the Council’s climate strategy, it also lauded a number of initiatives. These include green energy contracts and offsets, and the energy superhub, the world’s largest hybrid battery system.last_img read more

Lawyer In Gay Marriage Case joins Indiana Congressional Race

first_img Lawyer In Gay Marriage Case Joins Indiana Congressional RaceIL for www.theindianalawyer.comAn attorney who led the lawsuit that overturned Kentucky’s gay marriage ban wants the Democratic nomination to challenge first-term Republican U.S. Rep. Trey Hollingsworth for his southern Indiana seat in 2018.The announcement from Dan Canon of New Albany, Indiana, renews attacks on Hollingsworth as “an opportunistic multi-millionaire” who isn’t interested in listening to most people.Hollingsworth and his father spent more than $3.5 million last year in overcoming attacks labeling him a carpetbagger from Tennessee to win the 9th District seat.Canon represented same-sex couples who were denied marriage licenses in 2015 by Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis. She was jailed for not following court orders.Hollingsworth’s spokesman didn’t immediately respond to messages Thursday seeking comment.Bedford orthodontist Tod Curtis also has announced he’s seeking the Democratic nomination.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

No good reason for Liberty National to lease Caven Point!

first_imgThomas Zalewski Dear Editor:The NJDEP is currently reviewing the proposal submitted by Liberty National Golf Courseto lease the Caven Point Natural Site at Liberty State Park. Caven Point is a critical natural habitat and wildlife refuge. It’s been a pristine, natural place since becoming part of LSP in 1979. Every year, many hundreds of local children participate in education programs at Caven Point, provided by LSP. Paul Fireman, owner of Liberty National, says he needs Caven Point to “serve underprivileged children through First Tee Program.” The First Tee is a great foundation, and Fireman’s support is admirable. Fireman wants to relocate 3 golf holes from way back on his golf course, to Caven Point, where the views would be spectacular for his members. That would give him space, way back on his golf course, to build a driving range and First Tee headquarters for the “underprivileged children.”Fireman already has a fabulous driving range at Liberty National. There is no good reason why the First Tee kids should be excluded from the use of it. Google “Liberty Rising.” That’s the 90-story, $4 billion casino hotel that Fireman wanted to build 2 years ago, right next to the Liberty National clubhouse, on property he owns. Nothing has been built there since that was rejected. He wanted to build a palace there for the benefit of gamblers. There is no good reason why Fireman can’t build his First Tee headquarters there to benefit “underprivileged children.”Mr. Firemen’s ability to “serve underprivileged children through First Tee Program.” has nothing to do with acquiring Caven Point.To better serve the First Tee, Fireman needs to be more inclusive in allowing the use of his golf course by The First Tee participants, and willing to build their headquarters on his own, available property. The local kids, who might benefit from The First Tee, are among the same local kids who already benefit from the education programs at Caven Point. This must remain a free, natural habitat and educational resource for all of the public to enjoy, including the First Tee kids. There is no good reason to allow Liberty National to convert Caven Point into 3 holes worth of eye candy for the sole enjoyment of the Liberty National members.last_img read more

Ocean City Beaches Withstand Storms

first_imgBy MADDY VITALEWith patches of snow outlining the tops of the dunes and just enough of the flakes to roll into a diminutive snowman on a jetty at Fifth Street, summer didn’t exactly come to mind.But in a few months, the season that so many relish will be back and Ocean City officials are ready to welcome guests to the sandy beaches.Coastal storms over the fall and winter have been chipping away at the shoreline in the resort, as they have in shore communities throughout the state.The Feb. 1-2 storm left moderate erosion on the Ocean City beaches. A report by the state Department of Environmental Protection dated Feb. 4 noted that some beaches were worse than others.Fifth Street beach, known for its ideal surf conditions, “continues to experience accelerated erosion,” the report reads. Vertical beach scarping created mini-cliff-like cuts in the dunes. Some were three-foot-high chunks out of the sand. They were visible in multiple locations and most apparent in the area north of 11th Street, according to the report.“Winter is never kind to the beaches and particularly not to the blocks near Fifth Street,” explained Ocean City Public Information Officer Doug Bergen. “But I don’t think the Feb. 1-2 storm was a major erosion event here.”Beachgoers find plenty of room on the expansive beaches over Labor Day weekend in 2020.A major replenishment project last year pumped sand onto the beaches in the north and south ends to replenish what was lost to coastal storms.The project went into the summer season of 2020 under the direction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.By Labor Day weekend, all of the city’s beaches had wide expanses of sand and plenty of room for families to stretch out on the shoreline.Bergen said the city made sure to have added supplies in the way of a lot of extra sand just in case storms eroded the beaches.“The city did purchase some extra stockpiles of sand when the Army Corps of Engineers was rebuilding beaches here this summer,” Bergen said.He also said there is a lot of sand sitting just offshore.“The beaches should rebuild naturally as the winds shift in the spring,” he added.So, for summer of 2021, Bergen said visitors can once again expect to see sandy beaches.“Crews will work to spread some of that out over the downtown beaches by spring,” he said.For now, a mini-snowman greets weekend guests at the jetty on the Fifth Street beach. Ocean City beaches avoided major erosion during the Feb. 1-2 coastal storm.last_img read more

Conditions of firefighters at Maine Medical Center improve

first_imgPORTLAND – The condition of both firefighters at Maine Medical Center was upgraded Friday, while the man that evacuated the LEAP Inc. office building on the Farmington Falls Road prior to a devastating propane explosion on Sept. 16 remains in critical condition in Boston.Per Friday’s update from MMC, Farmington Fire Chief Terry Bell, 62, is now listed in satisfactory condition, while Capt. Scott Baxter, 37, is listed in fair condition. Those conditions improved from fair and serious for Bell and Baxter, respectively.Larry Lord, 60, remains in critical condition at Massachusetts General Hospital. Lord has been called a hero by local officials for his actions on the morning of Sept. 16, when he evacuated the administration and training building at 313 Farmington Falls Road after smelling gas in the basement. Minutes after the department responded to the report an explosion tore through the building, killing Capt. Michael Bell, 68, and injuring Lord and several firefighters.According to the State Fire Marshal’s Office, Lord and Baxter were both in the basement of the building when it exploded, as was Capt. Timothy “TD” Hardy, 40, and firefighter Joseph Hastings, 24. Capt. Bell was on the first floor, while Chief Bell was near the rear door of the building. Firefighter Theodore “Ted” Baxter, 64, and Deputy Chief Clyde Ross were both outside.With the exception of Ross, who was treated and released from Franklin Memorial Hospital, the other patients were rushed to FMH and later to MMC, with the exception of Lord, who was taken to Mass General. Firefighter Baxter, Hardy and Hastings were all previously released from MMC, returning via processions of emergency vehicles to the Farmington station.Investigators believe that propane leaked out of the buried line that ran from an external tank to the building, permeating the ground beneath the parking lot and then entering the building’s basement. That tank was filled with nearly 400 gallons of propane on Sept. 13, but was discovered to be empty by Lord and another LEAP employee Monday morning, prior to the explosion. The cause of the leak and what sparked the explosion remain under investigation by the State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Maine Solid Fuel Board and local agencies.Also on Friday, Governor Janet Mills proclaimed Saturday, Oct. 5, as Firefighter’s Recognition Day.“Like all first responders, Maine’s firefighters courageously put their lives at risk every day to protect us and ensure our safety,” said Mills in a statement released Friday. “Too many times this year, our firefighters have laid down their lives in the line of duty and we remain forever grateful for their sacrifice. Tomorrow, I urge the people of Maine to join me in thanking our firefighters for their service and selflessness.”In Farmington, a number of departments from across the state have been taking volunteer shifts to provide fire protection coverage since the Sept. 16 explosion.The United Way of the Tri-Valley Area has taken point on finding housing for the 30 people displaced by the explosion. A committee consisting of representatives of the town, the police department, LEAP Inc. and local social service agencies have awarded funds collected by United Way to address the needs of the displaced Farmington residents, LEAP employees and will also be looking at what help firefighters and their families will need.Information about a number of different benefit events and ways to donate to support those impacted by the explosion can be found here.last_img read more

Pearl Jam Busts Out More Originals, Neil Young & Tom Waits Covers In Philly [Watch]

first_imgPearl Jam continued their live show domination last night, playing a sold out show at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. The first of two nights in Philly saw the band bust out even more of their storied originals, as well as some choice covers throughout the night.The show opened with “Once,” treating fans to the classic number in style. Just two songs later, the band busted out “Gonna See My Friend” for the first time since December of 2013. Watch it all go down below:“All Night” also made its tour debut, keeping fans on their toes with material from their prolific career.The full set rocked hard with a number of beloved classics, including tracks like “Even Flow,” “In The Moonlight,” “Jeremy,” and so many more. The first encore started off with another major bust out, as the band broke into Tom Waits’ “Picture In A Frame” for the first time since 2006! With Eddie Vedder on acoustic guitar, this was a touching moment amid a rocking show.The show also featured a cover of Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s “Fuckin Up,” played for the first time on this tour. The show closed with “Inddifference,” putting a powerful ending to a great performance. Pearl Jam returns to the Wells Fargo center tonight for the second consecutive night of rock music for the Philly fans. Check out the full setlist below:Edit this setlist | More Pearl Jam setlistslast_img read more

Pearl Jam & Tupac Shakur Among Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees

first_imgEvery year, the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame reveals a class of eligible nominees for the following year’s induction. While only a handful will actually make it into the hall, the organizers have revealed dozens of performers nominated for the 2017 Hall of Fame class.On SiriusXM this morning, the official list of nominees was announced. This included newly eligible artists Pearl Jam and Tupac Shakur, previously nominated artists Janet Jackson, Chaka Khan, Kraftwerk, Yes, Chic, The Cars, The Zombies, Joe Tex, J. Geils Band, MC5, and previously eligible artists (on ballot for the first time) Bad Brains, Depeche Mode, Electric Light Orchestra, Jane’s Addiction, Joan Baez, Journey, and Steppenwolf.The main qualification for Hall of Fame eligibility is that the band or artist’s first album must have been released no later than 25 years ago – in this case, 1991. Pearl Jam and Tupac Shakur both released their debuts in that year, and all of the other bands are older than that.Of course, fans of certain bands will take objection to this new announcement, including the perennially overlooked Little Feat. Also absent is Phish, who released their first major album, Junta, in 1989.Voting for the nominees begins on December 5th, but the cumulative fan votes comprise only a single ballot weighed against dozens of music critics and executives. The inductees will be revealed in April of 2017. For more information, visit the Rock Hall website.last_img read more