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Prevention is better than a cure

first_imgStressin the workplace could be seen as an epidemic. However, some public sectoremployers are showing it can be avoided if the right policies are put in place.Jo Rick, principal research fellow, Institute for Employment Studies, applaudstheir creativity and flexibility in tackling the problemThepublic sector, with constant modernisation initiatives and a powerful impetusfor sweeping change in every area, appears to be the perfect breeding groundfor stress. A cycle of new demands and pressure leads to more stress, absence,and then further demands to do better still. Organisations could be forgivenfor pressing the panic button.Buthold on. What is this ‘disease’ that could spread so quickly? The fact is that‘stress’ is used too often as a catch-all phrase. A GP will write ‘stress’ on asick note because their duty is to decide whether or not a person is fit forwork. However, the key to being able to intervene effectively is understandingthe specific nature of the problem.Stressas a cause of absence is different from physical illnesses. If an employeesends in a sick note, for example, for a broken leg, the employer immediatelyhas some idea of the likely length of absence, the limitations on that employeeduring the illness and whether there will be any need for adjustment to work inthe longer term.Adiagnosis of stress says nothing about the specific problem, the possiblecauses, the likely length of absence and whether the problem is reallywork-related. Technically speaking, stress is not a diagnosis, and is notlisted in medical diagnostic criteria.Lookmore closely and employers will see that stress is not the invisible assassin,stalking the workplace, but is being used to describe what is actually a rangeof specific, identifiable and usually preventable or resolvable situations.Organisations can deal with it, and there are many examples of good practice inthe UK of how employees are being rehabilitated back into work.1Alongsideother good practice in rehabilitation, organisations are starting to recognisethat if they are to tackle stress, they need to start with a much more detailedand specific assessment of the nature of the problem.Forinstance, Lancashire Constabulary Central Division has changed its culture toensure stress is seen as an issue that needs to be addressed quickly. Anattendance policy is in place to pick up on longer spells of absence, and anyabsence relating to stress or anxiety is followed up immediately. Fullassessments are made to pinpoint the real causes of absence and employees areable to agree their own rehabilitation plan, which might involve temporary‘recuperative’ duties, change of work location or home working. The range ofstress policies and practices are seen to have been a real success in reducinglevels of sickness absence.AtSandwell Healthcare Trust, there is a robust absence reporting procedure inplace, with regular contact with the absent employee. Rehabilitation plans aretailored to the needs of the individual employee, often involving the use oftemporary placements. The trust operates a case management system, with rolesclearly defined for the line manager, divisional HR managers and occupationalhealth in each plan. Training is available for managers in managing change andadvice on how to maintain contact with an absent employee – a difficult taskfor many managers when stress is the problem. Goodrehabilitation practice is based around the following principles:–Maintaining contact with the employee on a personal rather than a purelywork-related basis–Attempting to diagnose the specific problems behind the stress involved–Providing immediate support from the start of the absence–Encouraging stress awareness among line managers–Being creative and flexible about options for a return-to-work–Developing an agreed rehabilitation plan with the employee–Creating a written policy or set of guidelines for employee rehabilitation.Thereis much talk of flexibility in the workplace in order to improve motivation andproductivity. It may actually be that creativity and flexibility in approachesto preventing stress and rehabilitating employees can bring even bigger rewards.Someorganisations are trying something new. For example, offering coaching formanagers in dealing with an employee once they are off work with stress, andthe creation of closer working relationships between employers, occupationalhealth and GPs to determine more specific causes.Themore specific diagnoses become, the more quickly this ominous, entirely vagueepidemic can be exposed and organisations will be able to get a handle on thespecific underlying issues.Reference:1.Best Practice in Rehabilitating Employees Following Absence Due to Work-RelatedStress, Thompson, Neathey, Rick, HSE 2003, ISBN 0 7176 2715 2, £20.00, is alsoavailable as a free download from the Health & Safety Executive stress webpages, information, contact Jo Rick, [email protected],at the Institute for Employment Studies (IES), Prevention is better than a cureOn 1 Oct 2003 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. last_img read more

Lukoil begins test production at Komandirshorskaya Group fields in Russia

first_img Lukoil begins test production at three Komandirshorskaya Group’s oil fields in Russia. (Credit: LUKOIL.). Russian energy firm Lukoil has commenced test production at three oil fields of the Komandirshorskaya Group in the Nenets Autonomous District.The three oil fields include Komandirshorskoye, North Komandirshorskoye and West Komandirshorskoye.The energy firm said that the initial recoverable reserves of the fields are expected to be at 11 million tonnes.Oil produced at the fields will be transported to the Kharyaginsky Central Oil and Gas Gathering PointLukoil said that the production has begun at all the three geological structures of the groupThe oil produced at the fields is transported to the Kharyaginsky Central Oil and Gas Gathering Point for further treatment.Lukoil said that the Komandirshorskaya Group oil fields which were discovered in 1986 are located within the Layskiy Bar of the Timan-Pechora Oil and Gas Province, Nenets Autonomous District.The Komandirshorskaya Group infrastructure development project includes the construction of a gathering system and capacities for oil and gas treatment.It includes pipelines, control facilities, measuring units, separator units, tanks, a 35kW overhead power line and a substation to supply power to the facilities of the fields.The energy firm said that the development of reserves in the Nenets Autonomous District is claimed to be one of the company’s strategic priorities.Furthermore, Lukoil is planning to begin development of the neighbouring North Mishvanskoye and Simbeyskoye fields in the next few years.In February, the company announced the results of the reserves assessment and independent audit as of 31 December 2019.According to the SEC classification, the company’s proved hydrocarbon reserves totaled 15.8 billion barrels of oil equivalent, 76% of which stood for liquids.Lukoil’s proved hydrocarbon reserves life is 18 years. The three oil fields include Komandirshorskoye, North Komandirshorskoye and West Komandirshorskoyelast_img read more

Jen Giattino, she is trusted

first_imgJim AibelCouncil Candidate Dear Editor:Zoning Board Chair Endorses Giattino When Jen Giattino asked me to run for City Council I had to say yes. Jen is the only candidate totally independent from the interest groups funding, and influencing, the other major candidates. Follow the money and endorsements — they lead to developers and other groups that would benefit from unrestrained real estate development. I have served on the Zoning Board for eight years, the last five as Chairman. My goal has been to apply the Zoning Ordinance passed by the City Council, and protect our community from unrelenting residential development now threatening the Hoboken we know and enjoy. Michael DeFusco served on the Zoning Board during my tenure. He voted consistently to approve residential development applications no matter what the Zoning Ordinance provided or what harm would come to the community. It is little wonder Mr. DeFusco is so enthusiastically supported by construction and development interests. But now these same groups are increasingly supporting Ravi Bhalla and Anthony Romano as well. Jen Giattino does not owe allegiance to these groups. She is the only candidate who has unambiguously endorsed a focus on commercial development that will broaden our tax base and lessen the impact on our aging and fragile infrastructure. Jen knows how to build consensus. She is trusted. She will find the right balance of development and protect us from killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. last_img read more

UCB sees record number of bakery students

first_imgUniversity College Birmingham (UCB) has seen bakery enrolment numbers reach record numbers on the back of the popularity of The Great British Bake Off.More than 100 would-be bakers have signed up to study at the college for the 2013-14 academic year – up 37% since the BBC One programme first aired in 2010.The college is even planning on launching a ‘Bake-Off’ degree to cater for the interest from school-leavers. The foundation degree in Bakery and Confectionery Technology Management will be aimed at entrepreneurs hoping to become chocolatiers, patissiers and artisan bakers.The course has attracted a huge amount of interest, though it is not due to launch until 2014-15. It will feature modules on artisan bread-making, advanced confectionery and chocolate, and product design and development.Dawn Gemmell, head of bakery and assistant dean at UCB, said: “We have seen a huge rise in interest in our bakery courses and there is no doubt the higher profile of baking on TV, particularly The Great British Bake Off, has been hugely influential.“The show has introduced young people to the subject and reignited older viewers’ passion for making bread and cakes. Back in 1998, we had just 10 first-year students on the course. Last month, 107 enrolled at UCB.”UCB’s courses attract people of all ages from amateurs looking to brush up their skills, to those looking to move into the profession as a full-time career.Mother-of-three Manjit Palak, 49, enrolled on the level one bakery course last month. She is currently an office manager but said The Great British Bake Off inspired her to follow her dream of setting up a bakery or cake shop.last_img read more

Build the Right Hybrid Cloud for your Business

first_imgI have been working with companies on their IT strategies long enough to remember the calls to “get out of the data center game.” Not that long ago, many were convinced that a pure public cloud model would win out. Now, even hyperscalers are embracing the hybrid cloud by launching cloud appliances designed to run in their customers’ data centers.This makes sense when you consider the forces pushing companies to the hybrid cloud. The “three laws of the cloud” that VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger articulated – the laws of the physics, laws of economics, and laws of the land – have driven companies to keep a substantial portion of IT on-premises. Hyperscalers, realizing this, now view the data center as the next frontier for winning share.Essentially, the focus of debate has evolved from “should you have a hybrid cloud?” into deeper and more interesting territory. Now, the real questions are “where should you place your workloads?” and “what infrastructure should you trust to support your essential data and applications?”Let’s examine that last question. Here are some principles to apply when evaluating hybrid cloud infrastructure.Avoid one-size-fits-all solutionsWhen it comes to your private cloud, details definitely matter. Be sure to get the full picture when evaluating your infrastructure choices.Be aware that one-size-fits-all solutions in the industry are architected differently from traditional data center solutions. For example, in the case of hyperscalers, resiliency is built into the software layer so apps keep working regardless of failing servers. While this works in hyperscale environments, the messy reality is many of your apps aren’t architected that way. Taking existing, one-size-fits-all hyperscale technology and software, packaging it up and establishing a presence within your data center is very different from crafting a solution to meet your specific app requirements.The cloud appliance model is certainly a compelling vision for the hyperscalers. They can take existing technology and software, package it up, and establish a presence within their customers’ data centers. They can capture more data, more workloads. This does not, of course, mean that these appliances will meet your needs.In the public cloud, hyperscalers have taken a generic, one-size-fits-all approach. The path to value in the data center, however, has always been to customize deeply to meet specific requirements. The two challenges are worlds apart. Ultimately, hyperscalers are unable to provide the adaptation and flexibility that is often critical to getting performance and results.Prioritize choice and controlCompanies are already challenged to orchestrate their complex infrastructure. When cloud appliance offerings force them to give up flexibility and oversight, they make it harder to design and run an effective hybrid cloud. You need more control and choice, not less.The Dell Technologies Cloud (DTC) offers you the freedom to choose the right mix of private, public cloud, and edge cloud for your business. You can also extend your hybrid cloud to a broad spectrum of 4200 cloud providers, including all the leading hyperscalers. Our cloud supports containerization, including Kubernetes, as well as deep support for virtualization so your developers can use the model that’s right for them.We also understand the need for consumption models that meet your business needs. With Dell Technologies Cloud, you can choose between on-demand subscription and pay-outright models or a combination of both. You can choose the level of flexibility you require, choosing between a fully-managed, hands-off operating model or one in which you maintain full control of your infrastructure.Discover what you can do with the Dell Technologies CloudIf you are like most companies, you need to strengthen your edge computing capabilities and find ways to manage more distributed data centers. You need to simplify, protect, and optimize your data and infrastructure. You need help automating management challenges like backups, disaster recovery, and compliance while ensuring consistent security profiles across workloads.That is what Dell Technologies delivers, including advanced HCI platforms, proven validated designs, and deep integration with VMware. Our portfolio of connected solutions makes it easy and simple to create a hybrid cloud that is secure, automated, and simple to manage. We offer the most complete set of infrastructure choices, including support for PowerMax and Dell EMC UnityXT, enabling you to build and scale your compute network in a way that makes sense for your business.With Dell EMC and the Dell Technologies Cloud, you get the reliability and performance you need, without sacrificing the ease of use and simplicity that attracted you to the cloud in the first place. If you want to see what the future looks like, take Dell Technologies Cloud for a spin today.Follow us at @DellTechCloud.last_img read more

Shirley Crash Leaves Pedestrian Dead

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 79-year-old man was fatally hit by a vehicle while crossing a road in his hometown of Shirley on Monday morning.Suffolk County police said Fred Mahnken was crossing William Floyd Parkway when he was struck by a northbound Oldsmobile near Lawrence Road at 11:20 a.m.The victim was taken to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center in East Patchogue, where he was later pronounced dead.The driver was neither injured nor charged. His vehicle was for a safety check.Seventh Squad detectives impounded the vehicle, are continuing the investigation and ask anyone with information about this crash to call them at 631-852-8752.last_img read more

Yasonna ready to step down if immigration boss found not guilty of covering up fugitive’s whereabouts

first_imgThe antigraft body has arrested Wahyu, but Harun — an Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) politician, still remains at large.Yasonna, a senior member of the PDI-P, apparently insisted that Harun had left the country on Jan. 6 and remained overseas as of Jan. 16. However, Tempo reported that Harun had returned to Indonesia via Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on Jan. 7.Immigration officials, who first denied the report, later confirmed that it was accurate, with Ronny saying on Jan. 22 that there had been a “delay in the processing of traffic data at Terminal F” of the airport.Yasonna has since been accused of deliberately covering up Harun’s whereabouts, with critics saying that Ronny was only a scapegoat and the minister himself should be held accountable.He has played down the allegations and instead established a “fact-finding team”, comprising officials from the National Police’s cybercrime unit and the Communications and Information Ministry, to investigate why the system had failed to detect Harun. (glh).Topics : Law and Human Rights Minister Yasonna Laoly says he is prepared to resign from his ministerial seat if Ronny F. Sompie, who was recently removed from his position as the ministry’s director general of immigration, is found not guilty of covering up about the whereabouts of graft fugitive Harun Masiku.“If he [Ronny] is not guilty, I will step down from my position as a minister because I am sure that [Ronny] is guilty,” Yasonna said on Thursday.Yasonna recently removed Ronny and the immigration office’s director of systems and technology, Alif Suadi, from their positions, arguing that the two officials were responsible for the failure of the immigration information system to detect Harun’s return from Singapore earlier this month.   The minister claimed that prior to Ronny’s dismissal, he had continuously expedited the maintenance of the immigration management and information system’s (SIMKIM) central database due to frequent delays in receiving immigration data from airports’ immigration check points.He went to say that he had reprimanded immigration officials in December because the SIMKIM had been unreliable in delivering real time immigration data.“I have always told them [immigration officials] to expedite maintenance of the immigration information system,” he added as quoted by Jan. 8, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) named Harun a graft suspect for allegedly paying bribes of Rp 600 million (US$43,950) to General Elections Commission (KPU) commissioner Wahyu Setiawan in the hope of securing a seat at the House as a replacement for the late Nazarudin Kiemas.last_img read more

Buyers combine smaller units into large house-sized apartments

first_imgMaasra Apartments at Coorparoo. Photo: Supplied.Maasra Apartments marketing manager and TOTAL Property Group managing director Adrian Parsons said apartments like these are very rare, but highly sought after in the market.“Our buyers are pleasantly surprised and find it refreshing to see we are selling large three and four-bedroom apartments, rather than just the two-bedroom apartments typically found in Brisbane,” Mr Parsons said.“Few developers are accommodating demand for larger apartments in Brisbane like Karam Group is doing with Maasra.“Karam Group has adjusted the development to suit the market, with owner-occupiers seeking the size of a private home in an apartment lifestyle for low maintenance living.“This is a rare opportunity to own a new luxury apartment with larger floorplans featuring generous living areas and master suites and spacious guest bedrooms, plus a full laundry room, study and some with their own butler’s pantry.”Mr Parsons said: “Due to strong migration to the city, forecasters are expecting apartment prices to grow in the Brisbane market by around two to three per cent a year over this year and continuing into 2020”.“There is a trend towards apartment living in residential pockets like Coorparoo, which means Maasra is perfectly positioned for residents and investors.“Buyers wanting to purchase a new home in Brisbane are finding the size, style and convenience of Maasra Apartments very appealing.”Designed by HAL Architects to reflect a sense of community and place, Maasra Apartments features a podium recreational space with multiple entertainment areas, including a 25m pool with timber decking, sun beds, beautiful landscaped surrounds, a residents’ lounge, a gymnasium, boutique retail on the ground floor and commercial office space on level one. Maasra Apartments at Coorparoo. Photo: Supplied.Buyer demand for larger apartments has seen building changes lodged ahead of construction at Maasra Apartments. An increase in the numbers of three and four-bedroom units has been put forward for the Coorparoo development.Karam Group’s decision to redesign and add more three and four-bedroom apartments at Maasra Apartments won’t mean any visible changes to the building itself, but will reduce the total number of units to make way for 34 three-bedroom apartments and 20 four-bedroom apartments.Maasra Apartments is a $96 million luxury mixed-use residential building being developed in the city-fringe suburb of Coorparoo, now with 102 apartments across eight floors, boutique retail on the ground floor and commercial office space on level one and a secure 328-space car park. The kitchen area at Maasra Apartments, Coorparoo. Photo: Supplied.Karam Group managing director Anthony Karam said it wasn’t surprising to see that Coorparoo was recently named the second most livable Brisbane suburb by PricewaterhouseCoopers’ CityPulse SEQ report, considering its desirable history.“Coorparoo has always been a leafy urban village just minutes from the city centre with all the conveniences and infrastructure within a thriving community,” Mr Karam said.“The new plan changes demonstrate our commitment to creating quality living spaces that accommodate a variety of households.”More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus13 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market13 hours agoHe said there was an opportunity prior to construction to combine a number of smaller units into large house-sized apartments and he felt it was the right step for Maasra, considering market demand.“Our sales team has been fielding a large number of inquiries from owner occupiers wanting more bedrooms, larger living areas and enough space to comfortably entertain friends, as well as generous parking facilities,” Mr Karam said.“We will deliver Maasra as it appears on the artist impressions, but on the inside more prime owner-occupier apartments with exceptional amenities.”last_img read more

Iceland Cricket Offers Ambati Rayudu Permanent Residency

first_imgNew Delhi: Middle-order batsman Ambati Rayudu was left disappointed after he was not included in the 15-member Indian squad for the ongoing World Cup in England and Wales.And now, Iceland Cricket has offered Rayudu permanent residency in their country so that he can play for them after being rejected time and again by Team India.Iceland Cricket put out a tongue-in-cheek tweet about how Mayank, who is the latest member to join the Indian team in England, has only three professional wickets at 72.33 and that Rayudu could play for them instead.Iceland Cricket also tweeted out the application form for permanent residency in Iceland if the Indian batter intended to take them up on their offer.“Agarwal has three professional wickets at 72.33 so at least Ambati Rayudu can put away his 3D glasses now. He will only need normal glasses to read the document we have prepared for him. Come join us Ambati. We love the Rayudu things,” tweeted Iceland Cricket. IANS Also Read: India’s Ambati Rayudu reported for bowling actionlast_img read more

Pakistan reject Kaneria and Malik’s pleas to help lift bans

first_imgKarachi , Pakistan (AFP) — The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) yesterday rejected pleas by two former national players for help in overturning lifetime bans for charges related to match-fixing.Former spinner Danish Kaneria was banned by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in 2012, while ex-skipper Saleem Malik was struck off in 2000 by the Pakistan board on the recommendation of a judicial commission.Kaneria, charged for inducing his Essex county teammate Mervyn Westfield to concede runs in a 2009 match, was left unable to play or coach in any country under International Cricket Council (ICC) rules and lost a subsequent appeal.“The life ban was imposed by the ECB and upheld by all ICC members, you have lost an appeal so as such, you are advised to approach the ECB as per the rules,” the PCB said in a statement following his request.Pakistan’s most successful spinner with 261 wickets in 61 Tests, Kaneria has previously accused the country’s cricket authority of targeting him for being a minority Hindu — a charge vehemently denied by the PCB.Malik also sought the PCB’s help to start a coaching career.But the board ruled that Malik has refused to respond to separate ICC claims that he was recorded telling an undercover reporter how to fix matches.t said it “will be unable to proceed any further until such time you respond on the said matter”.Malik’s ban was lifted by a Pakistan civil court in 2008, but the move was not endorsed by the ICC.Malik, 57, played 103 Tests and 283 One-Day Internationals for Pakistan.last_img read more